Special Needs

People of all ages may have special conditions, which may limit one or more major life activities. These conditions include stroke, spinal cord injury, mental retardation, Dawn syndrome and genetic disorders. Such patients need dental attention and treatment to at least the same standards as non-handicapped patients and frequently have a greater predisposition to dental disease. Unfortunately, for many years dental care has been labeled as the greatest unmet health need of the handicapped world wide.

Here in the Arab Dental Center a clinic for people with special needs has been established to meet local community needs in this field. A portable dental clinic is also available to treat handicapped patients who don’t have access to the center. General anesthesia for uncooperative patients may also be implemented in hospitals.

The center organizes visits to special needs institutes for dental examination and treatment and to give lectures for caregivers about dental care for the handicapped.

Arab Dental Center hopes that these services will meet your satisfaction in order to extend
.bridges of cooperation to alleviate the suffering of these patients.