Periodontics Department

Periodontal diseases are infectious diseases affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontium). They are one of the widely distributed diseases among the population.

Healthy gingiva appears pinkish in color, of smooth contours around teeth, without swellings or bleedings.

Diseased periodontium appears reddish-blush in color, swollen, and bleeds easily during brushing. In addition, there may be the presence of plaque, calculus, pockets, recession, bone loss, and/or mobility of teeth.

The main causes of periodontal diseases are the presence of plaque around teeth necks, accumulation of calculi and other factors as smoking, and having systemic diseases like diabetes and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Some periodontal diseases are transmitted through families and associated with abnormal host defense mechanisms.
– Treatment of periodontal disease in the Arab Dental Center varies from controlling plaque accumulation to trying to restore or regenerate lost tissues by regenerative surgeries, using soft tissue grafts, bone grafts, and membranes (GTR ).

Now a day, the laser is used in the Arab Dental Center to clean teeth (remove plaque and calculi), disinfect the area, and help in surgeries. The laser can be used safely without side effects.

One of the uses of lasers is their use to remove gingival hyperpigmentation without pain and even without the use of local anesthesia, all can be done at the Arab Dental Center.